There is something incredibly powerful about listening in on a conversation.

In college, I created and hosted an award-winning radio show. I have recently begun to record podcasts more regularly. Not only are they a wonderful way to broaden the audience of academic work, but they are a way to tell the story behind the story — which is what every historian is really looking for!

New Books Network

Interview with Laura S. Grillo, author of An Intimate Rebuke: Female Genital Power in Ritual and Politics in West Africa (Duke University Press, 2018). Listen here!

Interview with Lynn M. Thomas, author of Beneath the Surface: A Transnational History of Skin Lighteners (Duke University Press, 2020). Listen here!


Interview with Professor Joel Samoff, ASAPOD Podcast, 16 November 2017 [21:50].

Professor Samoff shares insights related to education and development in Africa, addressing, among other topics, why education mobilizes so many interest groups and why the aid industry is built to be anti-historical.

Round-table discussion with Claire Nicolas (Université de Lausanne) and Louise Barré (Sciences Po Bordeaux), ASAPOD Podcast, 16 November 2017.

Part I compares graduate training in African history in France, Switzerland and the United States [21:26].

Part II discusses issues related to research in Côte d’Ivoire [22:19].