I am passionate about the craft of teaching. I do not see a strict separation between the historian and the educator. Empathy and communication are, I believe, the bedrock of both.

With some of my students in Singapore (2012)

Before graduate school, for four years, I was a middle and high school teacher. I have taught students between the ages of 11 and 18 in Africa, America and Asia. Mostly I have taught history, but I have also worked as an English and Italian teacher. At my last position, in Singapore, I led monthly professional development sessions for beginning teachers.

Refugee Education

At Princeton, I have worked as a teaching assistant for Professor Jeremy Adelman’s Global History Lab (1300-present) course in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya. It is a project (in partnership with InZone at the University of Geneva) to deliver higher education in refugee contexts through an online platform. I twice visited the camp to train the students, and “taught” them in weekly sessions via a mix of email, Whatsapp, and Skype calls. This work drew on my previous experiences with Baltimore’s Refugee Youth Project, where I helped tutor African refugee youth in the city’s public schools.

With my first students, in Haramaya, Ethiopia (2008)